How To start Free Blog for Making Money online, For PR Marketing or Publisher Networks


Today i am going to tell you how you can start a free blog to make money online from a blog. There Are Several Ways to earning Money online From Free Blog First Look At How you Can Create Free Blog.

First Of All Goto      and sign up here if you already have a gmail account it will ask you to Confirm Your Blogger Profile.

Now Click on New Blog Button to start making new blog

 Now fill The all details:
  1. Title: You Want To Choose 
  2. Address:  to open your blog you need to choose address just like to provide front end to your user as you can see my blog address is
  3. Choose your desired ready made template you wish to your blog looks like
  4. click on create blog 


Now Your Blog is created now you need to create a post for you blog you can do it easily just click on the name of your blog or just click on start posting link to create a post.


 Now you can see the button New post in The Image click on it to create your first post for you blog and viewers of your blog

  1. Here inthe top you need define Title of you post or subject of your post
  2. in the bottom you have the formating bar from where you can choose colors for text make them bold or change there size create bullets alignments etc
  3. and in third box its input type box where you will write the full story of you post as your are reading now on my blog its post  


You are done :D now evertime you logon to click on your blog then click on new post put your new text material by clicking on new post and and have fun in next tutorial i will tell you how you can modify your blogger theme and adjustments :) full tutorial

How Can i make Money From Free Blog:

coming soon with all relevent companies who pay for network marketing and publisher adevertisements :) stay tuned

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