Get Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

VCC or Virtual Credit is a type of non-physical card. VCC is mixture of Credit card and Debit Card. VCC can only use at online store and merchant sites. We can’t use VCC to withdrawn funds from ATM or Retail stores. Many of sites offers free VCC without any yearly or monthly fees, So here in this articles we are going share best site to create free VCC.
Why we need a VCC ?

Virtual Credit Card (VCC) is a virtual Card, Its can used only for online safe purchase. As VCC is a prepaid card and other then normal credit card, We can limit fund to secure payment at merchant sites or online payment. In India or other countries user can not pay international payment using debit card due to Verified by Visa (VBV) and MasterCard Secure Code Security, So we can’t pay using 3rd party gateways also like paypal, Google Checkout. User need to have a valid credit card. But in India its very hard to get a Credit card for students, small business owner or Webmasters. Here we can create Virtual Credit card using our normal domestic/international ATM cum Debit card.

vcc virtual credit card Get Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

As Small SEO business owner / webmaster we need to pay Domain/VPS hosting bill for our clients. We used VCC for every payments as International Hosting company needs only a valid credit card payment and VCC is more secure then physical Credit cards.
2 Best Free VCC Providers :

    Entropay :- Entropay is best Visa logo VCC providers, Its supported for every country like India, We have successfully uploaded fund using SBI master debit card and SBI visa debit card, and many of other bank debit card. If you need a free credit card without any monthly/yearly fees then Entropay is best option for you, As its a prepaid card you need to upload fund before using it. The minimum amount you can upload is $20, and you have to pay $20.99 ($0.99 as entropay service charge).
    Bancore :- According to us Bancore is 2nd best VCC provider. If you only want smaller purchases like paypal Validation, Google Checkout Validation or Anything then Bancore is best. You can upload from $1 or buy a Bancore free Voucher from Bancore Merchant site.

Best VCC Providers For Indian user :

   : ICICI Bank B2 account ICICI B2 account is zero balance Online bank account and different from normal bank account. Using ICICI b2 we can create VCC spend money without any charges. We have successfully upload fund to PayPal using Icici b2 VCC.
    ICICI Bank VCC : Everyone who having ICICI bank saving account/Current account can easily create Free VCC using Net-banking.
    HDFC Bank VCC : Everyone who having HDFC bank saving account/Current account can easily create Free VCC using Hdfc bank Net-banking login.
    SBI Bank VCC : SBI also provides free VCC like other banks, But SBI provides only Domestic INR VCC means SBI VCC can only used INR Currency. So we can’t pay international merchants.

Conclusion : VCC is a secure way to pay international untrusted payment gateways. We can limit VCC and hide our Details easily. We also can create VCC other then own name for free.
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