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Today I will Tell you how can earn money online by clicking advertisement. I will tell a amazing website which is really payng for clicking advertisement. Pleae read full Review to understand There are many companies which are providing solutions to website holders to run maximum traffic to there website by users so companies make there two portion one is for ADVERTISER who pay to company for getting traffic and other is PUBLISHER where they pay there ADVERTISER money to provide traffic when every you click on a ADVERTISER website they get cost in peny like as 0.1-0.5 per click. Question is where does it go this money goes to publisher account holder who clicked on Advertiser website like as you. Now to Get Get started you can Signup A account here for free or copy and paste link into your browser http://www.star-clicks.com   OR read more about this company below:

 Star-Clicks is an online advertising network which gives you the opportunity to make money online with a Publisher account. After signing up you will receive advertising links from advertisers to click and get paid.

Advertising links are web sites or web pages that advertisers pay money to receive online traffic and more visitors to their web page. You receive a share of what advertisers pay for their ads to be clicked.

  1. How Star-Clicks Publishers Work  
  2.  Open Your Publisher Account Click Here

Once you've signed up, login to your account and click on "Pay-Per-Click Ads" link located in your account menu, you need to click advertising links displayed to you.

 Once you reach the minimum withdrawal amount you will be able to withdraw money from your account to your preferred payout method.
We accept PayPal, Payza, Bank transfer, Western Union and Liberty Reserve.
We require our members to verify their identity. You will need to complete a verification process which you will find details in your account.

We have answered some of your questions here

How much do you pay per click?

Advertisers specify the price for a click (CPC). The minimum CPC is $0.01

What payout methods do you support?

We support PayPal, Payza (AlertPay), Bank transfer, Western Union and.

What is the minimum payout?

The minimum manual payout limit is $50 when you join. The minimum payout limit will decrease depending on your account type and account age while you are working with your account.
You can also receive Auto Payouts before reaching the payout limit. What is Auto Payout?

When will I get paid?

You will get paid when the minimum payout has been reached. To submit a withdraw request (Payout), click on "Withdraw" link in your account menu and choose the amount and your preferred payout method.

How much can I earn monthly?

The delivery of the ads depends on the settings advertisers choose, however after you login to your account find "Estimate Daily Earning" section, giving you an estimate of how much you can earn daily.

How trustable is Star-Clicks.com?

Star-Clicks.com is a registered company in the United Kingdom & Ireland. Star-Clicks is verified and regulated by Verisign.com you can find the security seal logo on all pages of the site. Since 2008 we made many changes to Star-Clicks, specially listening to members and understanding their problems to improve Star-Clicks the way Publishers and Advertisers want it to be. We are always improving our services to make sure both our Advertisers and Publishers are satisfied and keep using Star-Clicks.com

Is there any joining/setup fee?

There is no joining fee, it is absolutely free to join Star-Clicks.com

Is Star-Clicks.com secure?

Since the birth of Star-Clicks.com in 2008 the security issue has been very important for us. At Star-Clicks we try to provide our users with highest security measures. This includes 128-bit SSL support and 24 hours monitoring all activities over our networks.

We appreciate if you provide us with any comments regarding Star-Clicks.com security.

Can I close my account?

You can close your account at any time. To close your account please send an email to
support@star-clicks.com, or submit a ticket from your account panel we will appreciate if you explain the reason you wish to close your account, this way we will be able to improve our services.

I have more questions

To see more questions answered please visit FAQ page
or Email us to support@star-clicks.com or click here to contact us

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