Automatically post to Facebook from PHP script

[Updated 21-09-2012 to support the latest Facebook changes] The importance of a professional presence on Facebook is constaltly increasing.
However supporting and publishing content on Facebook as a parallel channel to a normal website means increased work for many companies.
However posting on facebook doesn’t have to be a manual task that requires extra work. This post guides you to a solution that can easily be integrated in a existing CMS system, and enable cross posting of content to Facebook.

Facebook constantly changes their SDK and methods for communicating with Facebook. The script in this post supports the latest Facebook authentication changes that will be implemented i October 2012.

This post guides you through the creation of a PHP based Facebook application that can automatically post messages and other types of content on your Facebook wall.

The final result of the script is a timeline post like the example below

The post features both a headline, a link to a website, a image, and action links.
The process of building the post to Facebook PHP script requires the following steps:
  1. Download Facebook PHP SDK
  2. Register the Facebook application
  3. Build the Post to Facebook script

Download the Facebook SDK

First step is to create a folder on your webserver for the Facebook application. In this example we’ll name the folder “facebook”
In the facebook folder create a subfolder names “facebook_sdk”
Download the Facebook PHP SDK from GitHub, unzip the files and upload the files to the “facebook_sdk” folder on your server.
The Facebook SDK files can be downloaded from here

Register the Facebook application

Facebook only allows registrated applications to interact with Facebook accounts and pages. The next step is therefore to register your application (even if it hasn’t been built yet) .
You can register a new Facebook application on this page
To register your Facebook application you need first need to provide a unique app name.

If everything is OK, you get to a registration conformation screen, where you get the two important informations:
  • App ID/API Key
  • App Secret

These informations are required for the application to be allowed to communicate with Facebook, but should also be kept as a secret.

Build the Post to Facebook script

Now it’s time to build the actual PHP script for posting to the Facebook timeline.
The script assumes that you have downloaded and unzipped the Facebook PHP SDK (with it’s original file structure and content) in a subfolder named “facebook_sdk”.
The script is divided into three parts:
  1. Configuration where you insert your Facebook SDK information, and configeres which content to post on Facebook
  2. Facebook authentication and posting if a valid access token is avalilable
  3. Facebook authentication token download if no valid token is available (and then the script proceeds to step 2)
 require_once 'facebook_sdk/src/facebook.php';
// configuration
 $appid = '<insert app id>';
 $appsecret = '<insert app secret';
 $pageId = 'myoutlets';
 $msg = 'Nice script for posting to Facebook from PHP program';
 $title = '';
 $uri = '';
 $desc = 'Learn how to build a script that automatically can post messages from a PHP script to Facebook';
 $pic = '';
 $action_name = 'Go to Tips4php';
 $action_link = '';
$facebook = new Facebook(array(
 'appId' => $appid,
 'secret' => $appsecret,
 'cookie' => false,
$user = $facebook->getUser();
// Contact Facebook and get token
 if ($user) {
 // you're logged in, and we'll get user acces token for posting on the wall
 try {
 $page_info = $facebook->api("/$pageId?fields=access_token");
 if (!empty($page_info['access_token'])) {
 $attachment = array(
 'access_token' => $page_info['access_token'],
 'message' => $msg,
 'name' => $title,
 'link' => $uri,
 'description' => $desc,
 'actions' => json_encode(array('name' => $action_name,'link' => $action_link))
$status = $facebook->api("/$pageId/feed", "post", $attachment);
 } else {
 $status = 'No access token recieved';
 } catch (FacebookApiException $e) {
 $user = null;
 } else {
 // you're not logged in, the application will try to log in to get a access token
 header("Location:{$facebook->getLoginUrl(array('scope' => 'photo_upload,user_status,publish_stream,user_photos,manage_pages'))}");
echo $status;

Next steps

This post guided you through the initial Facebook application registration, and basic script for automatically posting content to a Facebook wall.
Next step could be to integrate this script in your CMS system, so a new post is automatically added to Facebook every time you’re updating the content on your site.

Facebook application authentication is changing from october 2012, which means that it’s no longer possible to generate permanent or offline access tokens. Unfortunately this means that it’s getting more complicated to post to Facebook from a application – especially if the Facebook application is running through a cron job or similar.

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Please note that I’ve already posted this thing but it was only few steps.. Now I want you to apply several methods to remove the autorun.inf or autorun.ini virus.
You can easily remove the VB script viruses like MS32DLL.dll.vbs and others which works with the aid of autorun.inf in your harddrive. This virus is mostly transferred via USB pendrive which don’t have any write protect function.
Although i recommend you to use a good virus removal software or script blocker. When you open any of the hard drives may be USB or primary hard disk. You will be directed to this visual basic script which drives your computer crazy. It becomes hard to access your harddrive.
Here’s a way how to disable this script atleast.
As it works with the help of autorun.inf you must be aware to find the autorun.inf file in your hard drive which is read-only and hidden.
NOTE: Remember this script also blocks some of the contents in Folder options . For example, “show the hidden files“.

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Yahoo! Contributor Network
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How can house wife earn money from home by cooking or writing

There are many Females who want to earn while being at home as they do not want to go out for work – either they have to look after their kids or family at home or they are simply not allowed to do so.
Lets see how they can earn money while being at home, by just using the internet:

Freelance Writing:

Ladies can start writing online as freelance writer, they can not only write for various websites and blogs but also contribute their writings to magazines and newspapers of their interest that pay for the articles and feature stories.
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There are many that you can try!
Do Business from Home:
If you are good at designing dresses, stitching or embroidery etc then you can start your business right away – make an online shop on or create a Facebook page.
Alternatively, if you know some of web development, you can have your own website for the purpose.

Upload the images of your dresses along with their prices and mention the sizes of dresses and your contact number so that people can place their orders. You can even sell your paintings and crafts etc. too via
Teach online:
If you are good at teaching you can provide tuition via internet. All you need to do is to make a webpage/blog or even Facebook page and a youtube account. Record and upload lectures and send the recorded lectures to those online students who pay you in advance for your lectures.
They can also ask someone at home to assist you in this. So grab your mic and start teaching online!
Start Cooking:
Yes! Ladies if you are good at cooking and love working in the kitchen then you can try preparing food at home and earn money.
People can order you via your website, blog, e-mail address or simply by calling.
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How to Get Your 1st Job on oDesk, Elance

I know there are thousands of talented people trying on oDESK , Elance or on Freelancer but are out of luck after months of struggle that’s why this article is going to be a major part of your escape route from this hard luck.
There are many things you might not doing rightly or correctly that’s why (despite having all the talent) you are not getting hired, so this post will highlight some basic areas which you need to work on and you will see the amazing results very soon.
Following set of tips were written by a great fellow Hussain on oDESK forum and I am sharing them here because these are the pretty much what the whole debate is all about, so lets start.
P.S. We are assuming that you are skilled enough, but you are struggling with getting the projects (not with the abilities to work).

1). The most important thing, after joining oDESK/Elance/Freelancer, is to carefully read the terms & conditions and policies. These are a great information resource for newbies. You will find them in their Help section.
2). Make a comprehensive profile. Provide true information about your Education, Work Experience, Skills & any Certificates you possess. Complete your profile 100%.
3). Know your skills & abilities. You should be well aware of what you can do and what is beyond your working capabilities.

4). Take oDESK/Elance/Freelancer Tests to prove your skills. The better you score in oDESK/Elance/Freelancer tests, the better you’ve chances to succeed. (First take oDESK/Elance Readiness Test).
5). Carefully read the Job Description. Usually clients clearly mention their requirements in the job description. You should read the job description twice, very carefully & then ask yourself. Can you do it? If you can offer the client, what he’s looking for, then apply on that job, if not, then don’t bother.
6). Cover Letter, in my opinion, is the BACK BONE of the hiring process. After profile, cover letter is the 2nd thing, which will make a client contact you. Write your cover letter in response to the job description. NEVER EVER USE THE SAME COVER LETTER FOR EVERY JOB.
7). Same cover letters implies that you didn’t take the time to read the job description & usually the client will not bother to read your cover letter. It’s Simple. If you didn’t read the job description, why would the client read your cover letter?
8). In cover letter, explain your skills & abilities in short & to the point. Don’t write long paragraphs.
9). Rate Recommendation: Some contractors may not agree with me, but in my opinion, initially a contractor should start with low rates.
REASON: Though you might be an experienced person in your life, but the fact is, you’re new on oDESK/Elance/Freelancer & in order to prove your skills on there, first you need some work history on your profile. As soon as you’re awarded a couple of contracts & you’ve successfully completed them, with a Good Feedback Score, then it’s time to increase your rates anytime.
11). After applying to a job, be patient. If you’ve done it right & gave the client a reason to contact you, then you’ll definitely get a response, from the client. (Hopefully Positive)
12). Even if you’re rejected from a job, don’t lose hope. Keep trying & you’ll succeed.
So These were the 12 Tips to Get First JOB on a Freelance Network like oDESK ,Elance and Freelancer.
The Second Part of this Post (which is coming soon, inshAllah) will relate to what happens when you get your first Job on oDESK/Elance /Freelancer. How should you deal with your client and What are the next steps for completing your job Successfully.

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How To start Free Blog for Making Money online, For PR Marketing or Publisher Networks


Today i am going to tell you how you can start a free blog to make money online from a blog. There Are Several Ways to earning Money online From Free Blog First Look At How you Can Create Free Blog.

First Of All Goto      and sign up here if you already have a gmail account it will ask you to Confirm Your Blogger Profile.

Now Click on New Blog Button to start making new blog

 Now fill The all details:
  1. Title: You Want To Choose 
  2. Address:  to open your blog you need to choose address just like to provide front end to your user as you can see my blog address is
  3. Choose your desired ready made template you wish to your blog looks like
  4. click on create blog 


Now Your Blog is created now you need to create a post for you blog you can do it easily just click on the name of your blog or just click on start posting link to create a post.


 Now you can see the button New post in The Image click on it to create your first post for you blog and viewers of your blog

  1. Here inthe top you need define Title of you post or subject of your post
  2. in the bottom you have the formating bar from where you can choose colors for text make them bold or change there size create bullets alignments etc
  3. and in third box its input type box where you will write the full story of you post as your are reading now on my blog its post  


You are done :D now evertime you logon to click on your blog then click on new post put your new text material by clicking on new post and and have fun in next tutorial i will tell you how you can modify your blogger theme and adjustments :) full tutorial

How Can i make Money From Free Blog:

coming soon with all relevent companies who pay for network marketing and publisher adevertisements :) stay tuned

oDesk Readiness Test Answers Updated Every Month

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Question 1: A good profile includes which of the following?
e. All of the above.
Answer: E
Question 2: What is the secret to being a highly successful freelancer on oDesk?
e. All of the above.
Answer: E
Question 3: Which of the following is TRUE about fixed-price jobs?

e. All of the above.
Answer: E
Question 4: Before you apply for a job, what questions should you ask yourself?
d. All of the above.
Anwer: D

Get Free Virtual Credit Card (VCC)

VCC or Virtual Credit is a type of non-physical card. VCC is mixture of Credit card and Debit Card. VCC can only use at online store and merchant sites. We can’t use VCC to withdrawn funds from ATM or Retail stores. Many of sites offers free VCC without any yearly or monthly fees, So here in this articles we are going share best site to create free VCC.
Why we need a VCC ?

Earn Money By Clicking Advertisements

Hello Friends:
Today I will Tell you how can earn money online by clicking advertisement. I will tell a amazing website which is really payng for clicking advertisement. Pleae read full Review to understand There are many companies which are providing solutions to website holders to run maximum traffic to there website by users so companies make there two portion one is for ADVERTISER who pay to company for getting traffic and other is PUBLISHER where they pay there ADVERTISER money to provide traffic when every you click on a ADVERTISER website they get cost in peny like as 0.1-0.5 per click. Question is where does it go this money goes to publisher account holder who clicked on Advertiser website like as you. Now to Get Get started you can Signup A account here for free or copy and paste link into your browser   OR read more about this company below:

How People in Pakistan are Teaching Others to Illegally Earn through ADSense

We all know that people on internet are legitimately earning thousands of dollars per month through Adsense – of course this is nothing new to you and we have discussed many case studies before on this topic.

But today, I am going to reveal those individuals and teams which are exploiting youngsters to earn illegally through Adsense. These teams are formally working in an organized manner, through which they prepare a team of around 1000 members -  where every member cross clicks other’s website and ultimately everyone earns money.

For the purpose, two investigative teams visited such so-called companies separately, and findings were really shocking for me at-least.



I know many of you’d desperately want to read this post as Google is now very strict with its Adsense account approval polices, especially for those living in Pakistan.
We know that all professional bloggers are very serious about their blogging and hence they will not get involved in any activity which is against Google Adsense Terms and Conditions. Then why Google is banning Adsense accounts of professional bloggers in third world countries like Pakistan?
Well there is a reason, that has been repeatedly discussed on this website, which is mainly the misuse of Adsense accounts in Pakistan by spammers. They create Google Adsense account via third party websites and upon approval sell these accounts to non professional bloggers, who than put ads on their spammy blogs. Sorry to say but this is not the way to earn money from Google Adsense.
as you can see the ad below click the ad and see how google transfer traffic to there companies

Get Verified Paypal Account in Pakistan


We know that Paypal, not being in Pakistan, is a big hurdle for many to do online businesses in Pakistan. While we know that Pakistanis have long struggled to get Paypal working in Pakistan – but it hasn’t happened so far.
Usually To get a Verified paypal account and to withdraw funds you need:
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Captcha Entry Scam Alert

Scam Alert For Captcha Entry Employeessss

Auto Captcha API Reader

Report For All Captcha Typist And Auto Captcha Api Reader Work.
Sirf Aik Nazar ...
Scammed Say Bachain...
Double Shah Ki Dosri Nasaal.

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Dostooo Agar Aap Sub 5 Mint K Liyay Blog Read Karoo Gay to Aap K Liya Bohat Faiday Mand Ho Ga.

Scam Alert For Captcha Entry Employeessss

Auto Captcha API Reader

Report For All Captcha Typist And Auto Captcha Api Reader Work.
Sirf Aik Nazar ...
Scammed Say Bachain...
Double Shah Ki Dosri Nasaal.

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Earn Money by Selling cosmetics online

Earn Money By Selling Makeup Online

Why Oriflame?

 Oriflame offers you three ways to transform your life:

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Can I verify my card with PayPal ?

Learn Search Engine Optimization in depth

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Foreword  xv
Introduction  xvii
Part I  Foundation

Chapter 1  Clarify Your Goals 
What Is SEO? ............................................
Do I Need to Perform SEO for My Website? .....................
What Are the Overall Goals of My Business? ....................
What Function Does My Website Serve? ........................
How Is My Website Connecting with the Goals of My Business? .....
The SEO you Have, Not the One you Want
Some Interim Solutions
Who Do I Want to Visit My Website? .........................
What Do I Want Visitors to Do on My Website?.................
Which Pages Do I Most Want My Website Visitors to See?.........
How Will I Measure the Success of This SEO Campaign? .........
Tracking Lets you Drop the Duds
Tracking Will Help you Keep your Job
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FAQ For Payoneer. How To Get US Payment Service For Paypal

Who is Payoneer?
Payoneer markets, manages and services prepaid MasterCard® cards. Payoneer works together with Choice Bank to issue and process our cards. A leader in offering prepaid solutions for online applications, Payoneer has offices in New York and Tel Aviv. We appreciate customer feedback; please send any comments or suggestions to .

Payoneer Pricing & Fees, Best Offshore Master Card In Pakistan

Pricing & Fees
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Can I verify my card with PayPal?

Bancore virtual card can be used to verify your PayPal account however it is not possible to transfer money from PayPal account to your virtual card.

Earn Money Online Ways.: Scam Alert For Captcha Entry Employeessss

Earn Money Online Ways.: Scam Alert For Captcha Entry Employeessss: Auto Captcha API Reader Report For All Captcha Typist And Auto Captcha Api Reader Work. Sirf Aik Nazar ... Scammed Say Bachain... ... Earn in pkr postsPublish Post

Imran Khan's message to the Nation


These are All Frauds: Make Money Online, Earn Rs. 30,000, Get Verified Adsense Account, and More!

Fruad Online Work Providing Companies In Pakistan

As inflation in Pakistan climbs to sky high rates, more and more people are looking for alternatives to make money to make ends meet.
Many of these people turn to the internet as a source of income and majority of them get caught up in a web of deception spun by scammers and con artists. In fact a study claims that the top cyber crimes in Pakistan are financial crimes.